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Digital Melting Point Apparatus | Dissolution Tester | Lacquer Porosity Apparatus |

Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader

Lab Testing and Scientific Equipment

Melting Point apparatus Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point Apparatus is used to detect the melting point substance. Digital Melting Point Apparatus makes measurement simple fast and very convenient an indispensable. Bench top tool for the busy modern laboratory.

Digital Melting Point Apparatus

  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for transparent as well as colour samples
  • Micro- Controller based to give accurate rate of heating
  • Backlit 2 x 16 character all range LCD Display
  • A membrane key pad allow easy operation for setting, storing and printing
  • Printer port for Dot-Matrix and Deskjet Printer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Printing report from print key
  • Result storing even after power failure
  • Special tray arrangement to remove broken capillaries

Specifications :

  • Resolution : 0.1 Degree C
  • Display : LCD
  • Temperature : Ambient to 350 Degree C
  • Accuracy : 0.3 C
  • Memory : Stores 2 readings per sample for 3 samples
  • Ramprate : 3 Degree C per minutes
  • Power : 230 V / 50 Hz 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional)
  • Dimension : 292 x 254 x 356 mm
  • Weight : 7 kg

Dissolution Tester Dissolution Tester

Tablet Dissolution Tester represents the very latest in tablet testing technology. Excellent production techniques combined with modern microprocessor design guarantee the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Tablet Dissolution Tester has been specifically designed to reduce clutter and maximize visibility and access in the criticalDissolution Tester sampling area above the water bath particular emphasis has been placed on those factors affecting eccentricity, alignment and centering in order to reduce the number of the procedures to validate the machine. Easy sampling probe allows user to collect sample at appropriate sample zone.

The electronic speed control is provided with its micro-controller based stepper motor drive guarantees an accuracy (better than) of ± 2% by automatically check up and compensating for any drift from the preset speed twice every second. The temperature is controlled by means of an internal bath heater and external stirrer, which means that the unit can be quickly removed for maintenance without compromising the operation of the whole tester. The heater controller/circulation has an accuracy of better than ± 0.3°C thus ensuring a constant and even distribution of heat throughout the bath.

The water bath is constructed such a way that the water inside the bath will be circulated properly to maintain even temperature all over the bath without affecting the dissolution. The bath temperature can be constantly monitored using the PT 100 temperature probe provided for this purpose. An external probe is provided to monitor the temperature inside the test vessel. Provision (optional) is made for logging the actual speed, temperature and deviation with the set values, at user programmed intervals throughout the test for subsequent printing. The control is provided by a membrane keypad linked to 20X4 LCD yellow backlit LC display, which together with modular type electronics makes instrument easy to operate and easy to service.

There are two test types: single step disso or multi step disso. In multi step disso user can set the number of steps required for the test and can set the RPM and time duration for each step. During the test the following information is shown on the display: Date, time, cycle no (step no), actual RPM, temperature (set, bath and external), elapsed test time. An audible alarm alerts the user on completion of each step as well as end of the test.

Salient Features

  • Compact, easy to use & rugged
  • Supports 1 test vessels plus
  • Conforms to all current USP and EP specifications
  • User-friendly operating procedure
  • Ergonomically designed membrane keypad
  • 20X4 LCD screen with yellow backlit
  • Short length shafts
  • Minimized and easy validation procedure
  • Supports single step / multi step dissolution
  • Low evaporation lid
  • External stirrer for circulation water in bath
  • Safety features
  • Up to 9 programmable steps /sample intervals
  • Validation protocol


Control Panel:   

  • Controls  : Membrane Keypad
  • Display  : 20character, 4 line, back-lit LCD

Speed Control    

  • Range: 25 to 200 RPM (±2%)
  • Temperature Control   

Controller: Microprocessor based controller with circulator
Range: 25 degree C-40 degree C (±0.3 degree C)

Test Types: Single step dissolution
Multi step dissolution (1-9 steps)
Step Duration: up to 99:59:59.

Lacquer Porosity Apparatus Lacquer Porosity Apparatus

This equipment is specially designed for testing of the porosity of lacquer or wax which is internally Lacquer Porosity Apparatus
coated on tubes as per ISI STD. The coated tube is filled with test-solution containing copper sulphate and copper electrode is immersed in this solution.

The tube itself makes contact with the cathode and fixed small D.C. potential is then applied between the sliding top copper whose flow is proportional to the areas of the surface not covered by internal coating. In addition visual indication is provided by deposition of copper if coating is not continuous.

The equipment is capable of giving reading direct on LED display. The equipment provides the required information quickly and reliably and is particularly suitable for quality control application.

Assembled in a mild steel cabinet of size 27.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 17.5 cm. Finished in powder coated paint. The equipment is suitable for 230V AC 50 Hz.


Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader

Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibition zone in a Petri-dish. In use, the discs are placed on a Petri-dish prepared with agar and inoculated with bacteria. After incubation, the bacteria cover the entire dish except for a circular inhibition zone around, it being a function of the strength of the antibiotic. This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibition zone to 0.02 mm within range of 0 to 35 mm diameter. Light from a source from the top, passes through the transparent and semitransparent portions of the agar, then to a reflecting mirror supported by an arm above the unit. The mirror reflects the light to glass prism mounted at the front of the unit and magnified image of the zone of inhibition is clearly visible on the prism.


  • Accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materialDigital Antibiotic Zone Reader
  • Micro processor based design
  • Average of Vertical diameter & Horizontal diameter of inhibited zone
  • Magnified image of inhibited zone is clearly visible on the prism
  • Calibration facility
  • IQ / OQ Documentation


  • An accurate method of determining the strength of antibiotic materials.
  • Magnified image of the inhibition zone is clearly visible on the prism.
  • Less time-consuming for measuring the accurate diameter of an inhibited zone. (± 0.1 mm)
  • Easy to operate for single person.
  • Display shows direct reading.
  • Vertical & horizontal reading of the zone stored in memory.

Specifications :

  • Power. : 230 V 50 Hz.
  • 110 V 50/60 Hz (Optional) 
  • Size. : 275 mm L x 265 mm W x 390 mm H
  • Weight. : Net 10 Kgs. 


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